The Homeless Period

April 29

Homelessness in Birmingham has always been a common occurrence, and is increasing at an alarming rate. Our city has one of the highest proportions of homelessness in the country, and 40% of people facing homelessness in the city are women, compared to the national average of 26%.


With this statistic in mind, The Bond Company want to help those who find themselves out on the cold, hard streets, and are getting involved with The Albert Street Project and their Homeless Period initiative. To do this we’ll be collecting sanitary and hygiene items for both women and men for The Albert Street Project to give out in care packages. These will go alongside food and drink items that are given out on a regular basis.


We’d love for our tenants and clients to be involved as well, so will be setting up a donation box in The Bond reception area for donations to be dropped off. The essential items being collected are: sanitary pads and tampons, sanitary liners, hygiene wipes and underwear. Donations of other hygiene items such as toothbrushes and deodorant are also accepted. The only items that cannot be taken are any kinds of painkillers and hand sanitiser.


We’re looking to make a bleak situation that little bit more bearable and would appreciate donations, no matter how big or small. It may not get people off the streets but it certainly makes being there a little bit easier.


We are collecting now and plan to deliver on Friday 29th April


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