Arts All Over the Place 2015

October 05 > October 11

Promoting the value of the arts in mental health recovery, Arts All Over the Place are holding a multi-arts festival at The Bond this autumn, celebrating the creativity of people who have experience mental health issues. As well as tackling the stigma surround mental health, their aim is to bring people together to experience and enjoy a series of meaningful and exciting events, including an interactive arts exhibition, performances and workshops.


Monday 5th October

6:30pm - 8:30pm : VIP Evening Preview


Tuesday 6th October

12noon - 1pm: Meets, Greets and Eats - welcome launch with The Emergency Poet and guests.

1pm - 2:30pm: Introduction to Mindfulness - learn techniques to improve your life and live in the moment with Mindful Therapy.

1pm - 3pm: Safe as Houses - Create your ideal ceramic village with Graham Taylor

3pm - 5pm: Care to Share - Forum Theatre and workshop which looks at strategies for living with and supporting someone with mental illness

6pm - 8pm: Stress Busters - Welcome and refrshments at 6pm. Theatre and workshops which looks at strategies to deal with stress in and out of the workplace from 6:30pm


Wednesday 7th October

11am - 1pm: 2 Art Toy Guys - film making with Steven and Trevor. Create a film scene, whether you like to be in front of the camera or behind it!

11am - 1pm: Big Festival Knit - Explore French knitting techniques with Cait Roberts

2pm - 4pm: Make 'N' Create - Jewellery and key-ring making with Rachel Day

2pm - 4pm: Goggle Heads - Clay play, modelling and ceramics with Graham Taylor


Thursday 8th October: National Poetry Day

11am - 1pm: Digbeth Poetry Trail - Walk, talk and create with Cathy Crossley and guests

11am - 1pm: Fun with Yarn - Learn a range of creative yarn techniques with Cait Roberts

2pm - 4pm: Inner Light - Themed poetry and performance workshop with Andrea Smith

2pm - 4pm: In My Head - Explore simple drawing ideas and work together to create the bigger picture with Jason Clarke

4:30pm - 5:30pm: Poetry, Performance and Drama Showcase - Zinnia Drama Group and workshop participants


Friday 9th October

11am - 1pm: Four Quartets Drama Workshop - Explore the themed work of T. S. Eliot with local dramatist Sammy Joe

2pm - 4pm: The Big Face-Off - Create a giant group collage using a range of eclectic materials with Graham Taylor

2pm - 4pm: Laughter Yoga - Take part in our feel-good laughter session which works wonders for reliving stress and improving well-being


Sunday 11th October

11am - 1pm: Creative Cosmic Chillout - Unwind with the Relaxation Station Crew

11am - 1pm: Natty Notebooks - Make your own personalised creation with Cait Roberts

2pm - 4pm: Mad Hatter's Tea Ball and Auction - Come and join the fun!


Hand massage, mindful colouring and writing poetry are also available on a daily basis (11am - 4pm) between the 6th and 11th October

Talking café debates will run every day, 1pm - 2pm, from Wednesday 7th October




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