The Bond

Created in 1988 with the purpose of undertaking innovative and creative regeneration, The Bond Company has grown from a single site operation to a multi-facetted complex spanning several neighbouring sites in the remarkable Warwick Bar conservation area.

Before refurbishment, the buildings were derelict, and dripping water. The bricked up windows left the entire building in darkness, leaving the three directors to use torches to find their way through the dank and dirty interior, uncovering the superb Victorian detail that inspired their refurbishment.

Continuing with their redevelopment, The Arch site was taken on in 1991, expanding the company further and helping to bring enterprise back to the area.

In the early days the directors did everything from driving cranes to carpentry and glazing. They have since nurtured an excellent team who professionally manage all of the activities and services that we provide, ensuring that the company goes from strength to strength.

The Bond Company is the home to a hive of activities where a thriving community of businesses compliment an exciting combination of public and private activities. These include events, exhibitions, conferences, meetings and weddings set to the stunning background of our canal side location. The historic buildings and private Wharf are integral to our complex. We look forward to the future, eager to make friends, meet new clients and work with you to make an exciting, vibrant contribution to the future of the region. We will continue to help make Birmingham a great European centre for the community, culture, creativity and enterprise.

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